Life as a Meditation: Meditation in Daily Life

Embrace Stillness in Action with Julia Chi

OmNom Studio London - Saturday Sept 7th 2024

Discover the profound art of living life as a meditation on the move. Join Julia Chi for an enlightening event that transforms your daily life into a seamless flow of presence, peace, and purpose. This event, titled "Life as a Meditation (Meditation in Daily Life)", will guide you towards a harmonious existence where every moment becomes an opportunity for mindfulness and inner stillness.

Stillness in Action

Experience the essence of Wu Wei, the ancient principle of effortless action, as you learn to harmonize your actions with the natural flow of life. Julia will teach you how to cultivate presence and be here now, integrating mindfulness into every aspect of your daily routine.

Clearing the Past for Presence Now

Free yourself from the weight of the past and step into the present moment with clarity and intention. This event will help you recognize and release patterns and programming that keep you acting unconsciously, allowing you to fully embrace the here and now.

Recognizing Patterns and Programming

Become aware of the habitual patterns and unconscious programming that drive your reactions and behaviors. Julia will provide insights and techniques on how to change this, fostering a deeper understanding of yourself and your actions.

If You're Reactive, You’re Not Present

Learn to identify and shift from reactivity to responsiveness. Julia will guide you in recognizing when you're being reactive and how to anchor yourself in the present moment, enhancing your ability to respond with awareness and calm.

Relaxing and Living

Embrace relaxation as a way of life. Discover how to relax into each moment, living with greater ease, joy, and fulfillment. Julia's teachings will inspire you to integrate relaxation into your daily activities, transforming your life into a continuous meditation.

Join Us for Life as a Meditation

Don't miss this unique opportunity to transform your life with Julia Chi's expert guidance. Embrace the art of stillness in action, clear the past, and awaken to the present moment. Sign up for "Life as a Meditation (Meditation in Daily Life)" and begin your journey towards a more mindful, peaceful, and purposeful existence.


Saturday Sept 7th 2024
Doors open at 6.00pm
Meditation 6:30pm - 9:30pm

To Include a welcome drink
Light refreshments included from 8:30pm


OmNom Studio London
Islington Square
116N Upper St
N1 1QP

The price of this event is £35.
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Take the Victoria line North and change at Euston.
Take the Northern line East one stop to Angel.
Outside Angel cross the road carry straight on taking the veer to the left.
On your right is St Mary's churchyard.
Islington square is through the two arches on your left.
Omnom is at the other end of the square.
Allow 25-30 mins for the tube journey (off peak), and a 10 min walk.


Julia Chi

Teacher of life skills

Meet Julia Chi, a guiding light and catalyst for transformation, dedicated to guiding individuals towards self-discovery and empowerment.

With a background in transpersonal therapy and a commitment to transcendence and growth, Julia knows that joy and happiness lies within each individual.

Grounded in mindfulness and self-inquiry, her talks and events offer practical tools to navigate life's challenges, inviting you on a journey of exploration, authenticity, and transformation.

Welcome to Julia Chi's
World of Transformation.

If you would like to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation, I invite you to explore the depths of your being, guiding you towards a life filled with joy, freedom, and authentic happiness.

As a renowned motivational speaker and transpersonal therapist, I have dedicated my life to helping individuals like you awaken to their true potential. Through captivating events and insightful talks, I help to illuminate the path to self-realization, providing you with invaluable skills and tools to navigate life with clarity and purpose.

Unlock the power within.
Embrace the truth of who you are.

Join me on a transformative quest to discover the boundless possibilities that await within. Say goodbye to self-doubt and limitation, and step into a reality where you are the author of your own story. The time for awakening is now.

At the heart of my teachings lies the profound wisdom of meditation and self-reflection. By delving deep into your inner landscape, you'll uncover the essence of your being and reclaim your inherent power. I encourage you to become the master of your own destiny, to trust your inner guidance and embrace your unique journey.